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Meet Rafferty, your go-to recruitment rebels.

Shaking up the recruitment world! 

Flicking through rushed CVs, spotting cringeworthy spelling errors on your job ad, cancelling a whole day of meetings to conduct interviews…sound familiar?

At Rafferty Recruitment, we understand the hard work that goes into finding the ideal candidate – and how after a while, it’s not uncommon to start viewing the recruitment process as a dreaded rather than enjoyable task.

That’s why we exist, we are not like your run-of-the-mill recruitment consultancy, we inspire possibilities with each job application so that you can go back to doing what you love most: turning your company into something bigger and better than ever before.

Paving the way to a recruitment revolution…


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Based in Hampshire on the UK’s glorious South Coast, Rafferty Resourcing has been disrupting the world of recruitment since 2015.

Beyond traditional goals and outcomes, our three pillars of success come down to a splash of colour, a drizzle of vibrancy, and an overspill of honesty. Our team specialises in identifying talent for a range of different industries and, connecting prime candidates to their perfect employer (aka you).

We believe in packing a bit of punch in everything we do, only ever recommending talent when it feels 100% right for both parties. To ensure this, the Rafferty Resourcing guarantee is to always offer the full picture to clients – the good, the bad, and our own professional recommendations.

…with the awards and trophies to prove it.

In today’s job market, recruitment consultancies like us have a responsibility to keep morale up throughout the job-hunting process – among both candidates and employers.

We like to think we’ve got pretty good at doing this over the years, and the awards in our colourful office suggest the same! Did you know that Rebel HQ is home to the REC's prestigious Permanent Recruiter of the Year trophy 2023? 

Ready for your recruitment renovation?


Get in touch and start making better and unfiltered hiring decisions today!


" As an employer, we were struggling to find suitable applicants for a marketing role.  After a discussion with Jodie she pointed us in the right direction and helped re-write the job specification to make the job more appealing in a jobs market where the skills we were looking for are in high demand.  Jodie went on to present us with a short list of candidates who closely matched the job specification. This saved us time and effort in filtering unsuitable candidates and resulted in a successful job offer being made. Jodie excels in her field in a way that many other agents fall far short of the mark"



Rod - Managing Director

What we do







Pioneering a new and more honest era of talent acquisition.

You deserve the best of the best.

We get it. Recruiting the perfect candidate for your company can be a long and (dare we say) mind-numbing process – especially when you have so many other tasks lingering at the forefront of your mind.

Whilst postponing your search may feel like the best way to avoid having to deal with the recruitment process, the repercussions usually (correction: always) come back to bite. After all, you decided to fill that position because you needed it, remember?


The good news, however, is that there’s always light at the end of the tunnel – just ask your local rebels, Rafferty Resourcing!

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Switching up the status quo.

Specialising in acquiring top talent for head offices and the audio-visual industry, we are known for transforming the entire process from how to “WOW” (and yes, this really can be achieved).


From adding a touch of pizazz to job descriptions to having frank conversations with candidates, we promise to promote your brand in such a way that you can expect a whole queue of interested top-notch candidates to – hopefully metaphorically – line up outside your premises the minute we hit ‘live’ on the job ad.

(Although rest assured, we will only ever send you the crème de la crème of applicants.)

Serving your every recruitment need (and more).

So, we found the ideal candidate, you hired them, and they’re settling in nicely. Now what?

Our team offers ongoing support around growth and staff retention – all to ensure that your company stays on track and continues to flourish. Think of us as an extension of your HR team, adding some zest and vibrancy to your day-to-day operations.

Ready to 'rebel up' and give your recruitment a Rafferty edge?

If so, we would love to hear from you!

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Get in touch to see how we can support you.

Our mission is to inspire possibility with each job application, bringing vibrancy and honesty to every conversation with candidates and businesses, making real human connections.


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