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Sourcing top talent for your (super) exceptional business.

More than ‘just’ an employee.


When recruiting for head office roles, you deserve candidates who leave a strong first impression. After all, the person you choose will not only represent your brand to external stakeholders but will also be the one to help keep the company cogs turning.


Enter Rafferty HQ. The HQ team match up prime talent to their ideal head office position, serving companies of all sizes across every industry imaginable. We take immense pride in sourcing people who fall outside of the ‘best of a bad bunch’ category, focusing on those guaranteed to be a worthwhile investment and the perfect culture fit. And the best part? You don’t need to pay specialist fees to get the best of the best. Rafferty HQ cover Administration, Customer Services, Sales & Marketing, Accountancy & Finance, IT & Data and we’ve got your senior leadership team covered too.

Trailblazing a new rebellious recruitment strategy.

At Rafferty, we start by getting to know your brand inside and out. We work tirelessly to provide you with a completely personalised approach to talent acquisition that will put your business firmly on the map! We're not just recruiters - we're revolutionaries, with a track record of turning the status quo on its head.

Our services include crafting attention-grabbing job descriptions, creating recruitment materials that demand attention, providing training to your team on how to conduct effective interviews, and exploring new and unconventional avenues for sourcing the best talent out there.


So why settle for the same old, same old when you can take the world by storm with Rafferty HQ?

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Rising up against the odds ...

When it comes to rooting for the underdog, it's hard not to get excited. There's something about watching someone or something rise up against the odds and succeed that's truly inspiring. But what fuels this fiery passion within us? Maybe it's due to our own inner rebel, always seeking to break free from conformity and blaze our own trail.

Nothing excites us more than watching someone beat the odds and prove the doubters wrong. Whether you're a start-up, a scale-up, or looking to make a comeback, the Rebels are here to support you and your big ambitions. We thrive on success stories, and we have plenty to share!

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