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What a first year for our Ellie. Best Newcomer in Permanent Recruitment - Finalist.

Look who's causing a stir in the recruitment world! Congrats Ellie, you little rebel, for making it onto the shortlist for Best Newcomer in Permanent Recruitment at the REC Awards. It's not every day that someone can make such an impact in their first year, but Ellie has managed to do just that ⚡⚡

We are all super proud of you 🏆

Ellie was announced as one of four finalists for the REC's 'Best Newcomer in Permanent Recruitment' award. This is a huge deal and a clear indication that Ellie is not one to be underestimated! Although she may not have won the trophy this time, Ellie's nomination alone speaks volumes about her exceptional talent and hard work. Her ability to uncover hidden talent and connect them with their dream jobs is unmatched. As a rising rebel in the recruitment game, Ellie is definitely one to keep an eye on. Her passion and dedication are second to none, and it won't be long before she's leading the pack. Watch out world, Ellie's coming in hot and ready to take over!


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