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Flashback Fabulous: Jodie’s Epic REC Award Reunion!

We're fashionably late in posting this, but last month we had the pleasure of surprising Jodie by reuniting her with her first ever REC award! She won it back in 2013, and it was her first ever win, it's always meant a lot to her and she was so ecstatic when she opened it.

The happiness and gratitude radiating from her face were truly priceless, making the surprise all the more special and memorable. It now proudly sits in it's rightful place at Rebel HQ alongside all of her other trophies✨

Thank you ever so much to Neil Carberry and Aaron Nicholls for kindly helping us organise this, and everyone who helped along the way! You've all been superstars, and we cannot thank you enough! 🤩🩷🏆


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