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Employee support now top priority for jobseekers, research reveals

Care and support for employees are now at the top of applicants' wish lists when it comes to choosing an employer, according to a study, prompting demands for firms to place a greater emphasis on welfare in order to keep employees following the pandemic.

According to a poll of 400 UK employees conducted by recruiter Monster, two in five (60%) respondents identified 'care' as their top or second preference when choosing an employer, with a third (34%) putting it as their top priority.

While care came in second place behind economic factors such as wages, benefits, and job stability (35%), it was regarded as more important by more individuals, according to the study.

A dynamic and exciting work environment was ranked third by poll respondents, with almost half (45%) selecting it as their top, second, or third priority.

Only 5% of those asked stated a social environment was the most significant aspect in their job search.

Employee priorities appear to be shifting in the aftermath of the Covid crisis, according to the research, which follows a separate poll conducted by YouGov on behalf of Microsoft UK, which found that more than half of workers who currently have access to hybrid working would quit if it were removed.

According to a study of over 2,000 UK workers, 51% would leave if the opportunity to work flexibly was withdrawn.


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