With all of our interviews currently taking place online – we share some of the tops tips from the recruitment industry. Read more to find out about the little things that make a huge difference!

  1. Standard Rules Still Apply
    Just because you’re on video doesn’t mean that anything else changes. All the usual interview tips and guidance still apply, as does the dress code. It might seem strange at first, but to get yourself in the right mindset one tip is to wear your work shoes. It might seem strange to
    wear your shoes during a video conference, but it has an important psychological effect on you. Also, be sure to wear solid colours, as stripes and complex patterns don’t look the best on video.
  1. Eliminate Distractions
    Close the door and windows in your room. Shut off the TV down the hall. Silence your mobile phone and make sure the only window open on your computer screen is the video platform you are using.
  1. Children and Pets
    As much as we love children and pets, you wouldn’t bring either of them to an interview, so please take the same approach for an online interview. Make sure the children are happy and occupied and the dogs have enough toys and treats to last the length of the interview.
  1. Find a Neutral Background
    More than any other tip, pros said that careful attention to your background is absolutely crucial. A bedroom with a sloppy bed, a home office full of clutter, a kitchen table, all of these connote information about you to the interviewer, none of it good. Set yourself up against a blank background, preferably a neutral wall. It should also go without saying that this is not the time for your favourite virtual background or any type of filter.
  1. Master Your Lighting
    Getting perfect lighting for video can be very difficult in a home environment, but ideally you want to aim for as much natural light as possible. You can position two lights, at a diagonal in front of you, one a bit to your right, and one a bit to your left. Table lamps work fine.
  1. Prioritise the Camera, Not the Screen
    This tip may sound counter-intuitive, but it’s most important that the interviewer see you clearly, not the other way around. That means prioritising the device with the best camera in your possession, not the best display.
  1. Test Your Equipment
    Sign up for an account on the service your interviewer is using and download the necessary software. Make sure audio and video are working, and that your lighting is as good as possible. Test your earphones and keep a back-up pair within reach. The day of your
    interview, test everything again.
  1. Keep Your Eyes Forward
    This takes some practice and feels unnatural, but during your interview you should look at the camera as much as possible, not the picture of the other person on the screen.
  1. Wear Some Earphones
    The people interviewing you will appreciate it if you use your headphones instead of your laptop’s built-in speakers. Onboard computer audio is usually lower in quality, which is a
    recipe for feedback and sound distortion.

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