Well, we are officially in 2020 and it’s that time of year where we make our new years resolutions. Get fit, quit smoking, stop drinking and all the usual promises we make ourselves at the turn of the year.

For as long time I would note my new years resolutions on the back of the December page of my calendar. They always used to be a mix of the usual promises I make after indulging myself  at Christmas, but I also used to make some resolutions relating to my career and nothing made me happier than ticking them off at the end of each year. For example …

  • Quit smoking
  • Join slimming world
  • Date night once a week
  • Promotion to Senior Consultant
  • Increase salary to £xx,xxx
  • Beat best quarter by £xx,xxx
  • Villa holiday in Spain in August
  • Pay off overdraft and credit card

As I become older and wiser I have realised that the real key to success is happiness. Happiness in your employment, enjoying what you do, having the flexibility to do the things outside of the working world that you love and having an income that supports your lifestyle.

Most importantly for me, ensuring that I get our family ski/snowboard holiday at the beginning of each year. As long as there as there is good snow coverage and a good choice of runs we aren’t fussed where we go, as long as we are all together. There is something in the mountain air that recharges and resets me for the year. 

So do something different this year. Think about what makes you tick and work it backwards. It will always end up going back to your employment and if you find that it’s not working for you then pick up the phone to us!